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The gambling industry is among the most evolving sectors in the entertainment industry. There are numerous software providers that develop innovative and modern online games. Therefore, all players worldwide can entertain themselves by exploring various gaming products. Gamzix is one of the creative software developers that entered the gambling market in 2020. The company has invented plenty of fantastic casino games. One of their most recent products is the well-known game "Pilot," which debuted in 2022.

Game Details

Free Spins No
Reels 0
Wild Symbol No
RTP 96.5%
Paylines 0
Max Coins Per Spin C$100
Bonus Game No
Scatter Symbol No
Multiplayer Yes
Autoplay Option Yes
Jackpot No
Progressive No

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The Pilot game is a part of a new kind of casino entertainment, the Crash casino games. These games were designed recently to satisfy gamblers’ preferences. Playing innovative and engaging online casino games is always a good experience.

As a result, many software providers, including Gamzix, provide a unique opportunity to explore gaming content through crash games. The Pilot crash game is a fantastic way to entertain yourself.

Our detailed review will examine all the characteristics of Pilot and provide more information about how you can play the game.

Pilot Game Review

Nowadays, more gamblers are thrilled by modern crash games. These casino games are a different and intriguing way to experience fantastic gambling entertainment.

Crash games have increased in popularity over the last few years. Numerous famous game developers have put a great effort into creating more engaging products like crash games.

Gamzix is one of those software providers that try to follow the latest trends in the industry. Therefore, the Gamzix studio created a unique crash game called Pilot. It is a straightforward crash game that will provide players with hours of entertainment.

Pilot is a simple crash game that can be a preferred opportunity for all types of players, both beginners and professionals. The game is not complicated at all and presents easy gameplay.

The main goal for gamers while playing Pilot is to place a bet on a plane flying on the screen. Before the plane crashes, you need to take back your bets. The crash game is really easy to learn.

Pilot is also a good option for all types of budgets. The online game is presented on plenty of casino platforms worldwide, including in Canada. Every Canadian fan can bet as little as C$0.10 and as much as C$100.

Pilot Free Play Canada Review

Gameplay and Features

Crash games are different types of games that have an easy-to-navigate interface and simple rules. They are a favourite for many online gamblers who prefer pure and simplistic gameplay. Crash games have become more and more popular since their appearance.

Pilot is a unique crash game that covers all the preferences of crash game fans. You will learn the game easily and enjoy playing for hours. In addition, while playing that fantastic game, you can earn real money rewards.

It is important to note that crash games are distinct from regular slot games. You will not find payout symbols or special bonuses in crash games. Here, you don’t need to create matching combinations and hope for the free spins round to be triggered.

As we mentioned, crash games are simple and easy to learn, and that is their greatest advantage. All you need is intuition and a bit of luck!

Pilot Free Play Wins Canada Review


The main goal in Pilot is to make a bet while a plane is flying on the screen and manage to withdraw your winnings before it crashes. That is an extremely simple and enjoyable gaming experience.

Let’s explore the game’s rules more precisely!

When you start your gameplay, you need to place a bet on the plane that appears on the screen. The red-coloured plane is the main feature of the Pilot crash game. It also offers a multiplier option while flying away.

The betting limits at Pilot are fair enough. For Canadian gamblers who wish to enjoy the Pilot crash adventure, the range of possible bets varies between C$0.10 and C$100. Therefore, we may consider the game equally good for low-roller and high-roller players.

Once you place a bet, the game will start. The red plane will fly higher and higher, presenting the multiplier in the game. You need to take back your multiplied bet before the plane crashes. All bets that you haven’t withdrawn before the plane crashes will be lost.

Betting and Cash Out Options

One of the most attractive features of the Pilot crash game is the fact that you may place two bets per round. That is a fantastic option to increase your winning possibilities.

There are two “Place a bet” buttons in the game, and you must choose your bet amount first.

When you choose to cash out your winnings, the game also provides two “Take” buttons that you can use. You may withdraw your first bet early and leave the second more time. That way, you will increase the multiplier value. But be careful and take out your second bet before the crash.

Pilot has an additional intriguing take-off option. The “Take 50%” feature allows players to take 50% of their prize.

Multiplier Feature

The Multiplier feature in Pilot is an excellent way to receive more valuable real-money rewards. The unique Multiplier of the game is the red plane, which you need to wait for to fly higher. The higher the plane goes, the higher your winnings will be.

Autoplay Feature

The Pilot game includes an Autoplay function. It is an option if you decide to avoid clicking every time the new round begins. By exploring the Autoplay feature, you may set your preferences, and the game machine will automatically place and withdraw bets instead of you.

Skin Variations Feature

This function is a fun element of the game. Gamzix made the decision to add a new skin to the Pilot Crash game each month. More intriguingly, the software provider promises that these skins will be produced on a monthly basis and will feature a variety of topics, such as sports and holidays.

Free Play

The possibility of playing the Pilot Crash game in demo mode is one of its main attractions. The game is available for free play, which is a great chance to test that creative crash game.

Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with the game’s features by playing the game’s free edition. That will improve your chances of winning and assist you in understanding how the game operates. Furthermore, the Pilot free edition will provide players with hours of entertainment without putting their money at risk.

Play for Real Money

Playing crash games is a simple and relaxing way to spend your spare time. What’s more, you can also achieve big winnings with your favourite crash game. Pilot is one of those crash games that will offer you engaging real-money entertainment.

Explore the lucrative advantages of Pilot and win real money rewards. The fantastic multiplier presented by the red plane is an exceptional opportunity to increase your winnings. As the plane goes higher, the multiplier will rise.

Payout Symbols

Usually, slot games include various payout symbols. Casino crash games differ from regular slot games. Crash games don’t include payout symbols, and players don’t need to collect winning combinations.

Pilot by Gamezix is an excellent example of an innovative crash game. Because of this, you won’t find any symbols during your gameplay. The main objective of the game is to place a bet on a flying plane and hope to collect the highest multiplier before the plane crashes.

You want to receive the highest multiplier when you place a wager before the game begins. The multiplier starts at 1x and goes up to 1000x your stake. The multiplier will vary with each round and be determined at random. Pilot makes use of the most recent Random Number Generator (RNG), which provides fair gameplay for all gamblers.

Two additional features in the Pilot Crash game help create a safe gameplay environment. The game is programmed to automatically accept the current bet and add the earnings you have accrued to your account if the internet connection is lost while an active wager is in progress. Additionally, all wagers will be cancelled and given back to participants if any mistakes occur while playing.


Gamzix has made a huge effort to create an engaging crash game for all devoted fans who love to play that kind of games. The corporation developed Pilot as a release to provide all players with original and innovative pleasure.

The crash game may not support many bonus features but offers winning possibilities during each game round. If you decide to place the highest possible bet of C$100, you may achieve fantastic winnings. With some luck, you may hit the highest multiplier of 1000 times your bet and receive substantial real-money rewards.

Pilot Free Play Bets Canada Review

Mobile Usability

The Gamzix studio designed Pilot according to the latest trends in the gambling sector. Therefore, the crash game is fully compatible with all devices and all operating systems. You can entertain yourself for hours with Pilot on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
We assure you that your gameplay will be a high-quality experience, regardless of the device you use: desktop or mobile. As a result, you can play the popular crash game on the go using your Android or iOS smartphone. Try the mobile version of Pilot, and you won’t be disappointed at all.

Pilot Game vs 3 Other Popular Online Casino Games in Canada

Slot Name RTP Provider Volatility
Pilot 96.5% Gamzix Low-Medium
Wolf Gold 96.01% Pragmatic Play Medium
Starburst 96.09% NetEnt Low
Sweet Bonanza 96.48% Pragmatic Play Medium



  • Convenient betting limits
  • Unique Multiplier feature
  • Appealing Autoplay feature


  • No progressive jackpot
Final Words


In conclusion, Pilot can be described as a simplistic and easy-to-learn crash game. It was launched in 2022 by the innovative Gamzix studio. Since its inception in the gambling market, the casino game has become a popular title for many casino gamers.

If you want to experience engaging and uncomplicated gaming entertainment, you should try Pilot. The game is straightforward and offers plenty of intriguing opportunities for players worldwide, including Canadian enthusiasts.

Explore the world of modern crash games with Pilot. Try to fly the plane multiplier and achieve the highest possible multiplier of 1000 times your bet. Increase your winning opportunities by placing a second bet and exploring the autoplay feature.

Nowadays, casino crash games are increasing in popularity. Pilot is one of the latest crash game releases, which will award all players exceptional gameplay.


What are the rules of the Pilot crash game?


Pilot is a simple crash game that is very easy to play. First of all, you need to place a bet before the beginning of every round. The main feature of the game is a flying red plane, which flies up each time a new round starts. As the plane ascends, the multiplier value increases. Therefore, your main purpose is to achieve the highest possible multiplier and click the “Take” button before the plane crashes.

Can I play Pilot for free?


Yes. We advise you to try the Pilot crash game for free before starting real-money gameplay. That way, you will explore all the characteristics of the game. Numerous online casino platforms present the demo mode of Pilot. Find a trustworthy online casino and try the free version of Pilot.

Is Pilot available on mobile online casinos?


Yes. Pilot is fully compatible with all mobile devices. Players are welcome to enjoy a high-quality mobile experience on all Android and iOS devices.

What are the betting limits at the Pilot crash game for Canadian gamblers?


The Pilot crash game is an engaging and highly accessible casino game. It is available for all types of players and budgets. Pilot accepts wagers starting at C$0.10 and going up to C$100. Canadian players may choose the appropriate bets they prefer and start their gameplay.

What is the RTP of the Pilot crash game?


Pilot is a crash game that has low to medium volatility and an RTP of 96.5%.

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