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Over the last few years, mini-games have become one of the most popular trends for hundreds of online casino enthusiasts. The exciting mini-games offer a different sense of gambling entertainment to all players. Consequently, if you want to explore a new and innovative game category, try an engaging mini-game. We at are happy to recommend one of the most popular mini-games, Plinko.

Game Details

Free Spins No
Reels 0
Wild Symbol No
RTP 97%
Paylines 0
Max Coins Per Spin C$100
Bonus Game No
Scatter Symbol No
Multiplayer Yes
Autoplay Option Yes
Jackpot No
Progressive No

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The Plinko mini-game is developed by one of the relatively new software providers, Spribe. The inspiration that Spribe followed when creating this game came from a popular American TV show of the 1980s, “The Price is Right”.

Plinko draws gamblers’ attention with its simplicity and straightforward layout. The game is not only simple but also extremely entertaining. In addition, Plinko allows players to win impressive amounts of real money, which makes it more attractive.

Our in-depth review will provide you with all the essential characteristics of Plinko.

Plinko Game Review

Plinko is a popular mini-game created by Spribe, an innovative software provider. Spribe released the enticing mini-game title in 2021. Since then, Plinko has increased in popularity among players worldwide.

One of the key benefits of the game is the simplicity of the gameplay. Basically, Plinko’s layout presents a maze of white pegs, which is in the shape of a pyramid. When you hit the “Start” button, a disc falls off the top of the pyramid. Your win depends on where the disc lands.

Moreover, Plinko supports three Multipliers. They are at the bottom of the pyramid and are coloured red, yellow, and green. That fantastic feature of Plinko provides all players with the opportunity to multiply their bets up to 555 times their stake.

Plinko also has different bet levels: Low, Medium, and High. As a result, the game is appropriate for all types of gamblers: low rollers and high rollers.

In addition, the betting limits at Plinko offer a wide range of options for all players around the globe, including Canadian residents. A minimum stake of C$0.10 and a maximum bet of C$100 are available to any Canadian players who want to try out Plinko and place a wager.

Plinko Free Play Canada Review

Gameplay and Features

Plinko is a unique mini-game that will offer all players many hours of entertainment. The game is famous for its simplicity. On the other hand, Plinko provides numerous enticing features that will increase your winning potential.

The interface of the Plinko game is simple and easy to navigate. When you start your gameplay, a pyramid of white dots will appear on the screen. Three rows of different colours are arranged on the bottom of the pyramid: red, yellow, and green. They represent Plinko’s multipliers.

A disc drops from the pyramid’s top each time you begin a round. It falls towards the bottom lines, deflected by the white pegs, and eventually lands on one of the multipliers’ boxes.

Let’s see how to play the Plinko game and what the game’s features are.

How to play Plinko?

In order to enjoy the Plinko game, you need to select a reliable online casino. You can explore the game for real money or in demo mode. Playing Plinko’s free version will offer you a fun gaming experience with no financial risk. More intriguingly, if you decide to play the game for real money, you will have the chance to receive big winnings.

Examine our guide to a unique Plinko experience for Canadian enthusiasts and start your gameplay! Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Find a trustworthy online casino that accepts Canadian players.
  2. Visit the game library of the casino platform and find the Plinko game. Remember that if you want to play Plinko for real money, you must register for an account.
  3. Make a bet! The betting range for Canadian players is C$0.10 to C$100.
  4. Select the Risk Level of your gameplay.
  5. Next, choose the number of board lines. Plinko allows you to select from 12, 14, or 16 board lines.
  6. Choose a red, yellow, or green button below the pyramid board. That way, you will select the colour of the falling disc and the multiplier level.
  7. When you click your preferred colour button, the round begins. A disc will fall from the top of the pyramid-shaped board, making its way towards the multipliers. The disc has the same colour as one of your preferred multipliers.
  8. During its descent over the board, the disc is deflected by the pegs on the grid. Eventually, it lands on a multiplier box. That box consists of the number of your bet’s multiplier.

Risk Level Feature

With Plinko, you have the unique option of setting the game’s risk level. Plinko by Spribe offers three different risk levels. There are three risk categories: low, medium, and high. They match the colours of the multipliers.

Green means a low-risk level, yellow represents the medium-risk level, and red is for the high-risk level. The higher the level, the higher the multipliers and the possible real money rewards.

Auto-play Feature

Another excellent feature supported by Plinko is the Autoplay option. If you explore the autoplay feature, you can take advantage of several additional options.

More precisely, you can decide to play with one or all of the three coloured discs. You can also choose the number of rounds. When you want to stop the autoplay feature, simply click “Stop Auto Betting,” and the autoplay round will finish.

Multiplier Feature

The three bottom rows of the Plinko gaming board stand in for the game’s three multipliers. They consist of low, medium, and high-level multipliers in green, yellow, and red, respectively.

More interestingly, the green multiplier provides the lowest prizes but offers the opportunity to win more frequently. The red multiplier presents the highest level of the game’s multipliers. Therefore, it rewards the highest multiplier values. Note that the red multiplier also has the highest possible losses.

We developed the following table of content to provide you with more detailed information about Plinko’s multiplier feature.

Number of lines Green multiplier payouts Yellow multiplier Payouts Red multiplier payouts
12 0.5x – 11x stake 0.3x – 25x stake 0x – 141x stake
14 0.5x – 18x stake 0.2x – 55x stake 0x – 353x stake
16 0.4x – 35x stake 0.2x – 118x stake 0x – 555x stake

Rain Promo

The alluring Plinko game is a multiplayer game with live betting and chat features. In the chat section, there is a representation of the Rain Promo feature. That is a special promotional opportunity that is open to all players.

The Rain Promo adds various numbers of free bets to the chat log. All gamblers can claim the free bets by clicking the “Claim” button.

Free Bets

Free Bets is a feature that Plinko by Spribe enables, making it a unique option for all players. The game offers a variety of promotions and free bet giveaways. Players are welcome to explore all the free bets and experience fantastic gambling entertainment for free.

Free Play

All players, both beginners and professionals, can explore the Plinko game in demo mode. Playing the game for free will allow you to examine all its features and characteristics and be more confident when you start your real-money gameplay.

Playing an online casino game for free is a great way to have fun and spend your spare time. In addition, you can explore the game without any financial risk.

The free version of Plinko is supported by numerous online casinos worldwide. The game is available to gamblers of all nationalities, including Canadian residents. Make sure to find a reputable casino platform and try the Plinko game for free.

Plinko Free Play Wins Canada Review

Play for Real Money

As mentioned previously, Plinko is a simple and easy-to-navigate online casino game. Despite being distinct from typical slot games, it offers numerous chances to win. Therefore, Plinko is preferred by hundreds of gamblers for real-money entertainment.

Keep in mind, that if you choose to play the game in real-money mode, you will need to create an account at a trustworthy online casino. We recommend you examine all the requirements of the casino platform you select before registering for an account.

Payout Symbols

The popular mini-game Plinko is a unique opportunity to have an excellent casino experience and win substantial real money rewards. The alluring game is a different type of game without many complicated rules and payout symbols.

More importantly, Plinko doesn’t require you to combine symbols into winning combinations in order to win. The purpose of the game is to bet on a disc falling over a pyramid board.

Plinko offers three risk levels, which are associated with the multipliers and the disc that appears on the screen. The three levels that the game provides are green, yellow, and red colour. They represent a low, medium, and high-risk level, respectively.

Additionally, the discs that will appear on the screen when a round starts have the same colour as the risk level of your gameplay. Therefore, you can choose between green, yellow, and red coloured discs. They offer different multiplier amounts. When playing Plinko, your potential winnings can reach 555 times your initial wager.


With the Plinko mini-game, you have the chance to achieve big winnings. The game has many lucrative advantages available to all devoted players, including Canadian enthusiasts.
Plinko offers betting limitations that are affordable for all types of players and budgets. For Canadian gamblers, the bet limits range from C$0.10 to C$100. Therefore, if you place the highest possible bet at the highest risk level, you may win a reward of C$55,500.

Plinko Free Play Betting Canada Review

Mobile Usability

The majority of online casino gamblers prefer to explore their favourite online casino games via their smartphones. Plinko fans can also enjoy smooth mobile gaming entertainment. The game is fully compatible with all mobile and desktop devices.

More importantly, there is no need to install a specific app on your mobile device. You can play the game via your mobile browser on all Android and iOS smartphones.

Plinko Game vs 3 Other Similar Games by Spribe

Game Name RTP Betting Limits Volatility
Plinko 97% C$0.10 – C$100 Medium Volatility
Aviator 97% C$0.10 – C$100 Low-Medium Volatility
Mines 97% C$0.10 – C$100 Medium Volatility
Dice 97% C$0.10 – C$100 Medium Volatility



  • Simple and easy-to-play game
  • Multiple convenient risk levels for all preferences
  • Fantastic winning possibilities


  • The game may seem a bit repetitive to some players
Final Words


In conclusion, we would like to recommend the Plinko game to all online casino enthusiasts. The Spribe’s release is a fantastic option for all types of gamers.

Furthermore, Plinko is a unique mini-game that is simple and easy to understand. As a result, it is suitable for beginners and professional gamblers. Because of this, Plinko is one of the most popular mini-games among gamblers worldwide.

During your gameplay, you will be surrounded by colourful discs making their way through a pyramid board towards the three special multipliers. If you are lucky enough, you may hit the highest multiplier of up to 555 times your initial bet.

Plinko can be considered a perfect option for all players who wish to try a new and engaging gambling experience.


What is the maximum possible win at the Plinko game?


Plinko provides a maximum win of 555 times your bet.

Can I play Plinko for free?


Yes. All players can explore the Plinko game for free before starting a real money gambling experience. Hundreds of casino platforms support a free version of the game.

What is the Multiplier feature at Plinko?


Plinko supports three unique Multipliers. They are at the bottom of the playing board. You can choose between a green, yellow, and red multiplier. The green multiplier offers the lowest values, while the red one is the highest.

Is playing Plinko legal for Canadian residents?


Yes. Select a legal online casino platform that accepts Canadian players and register for an account. After that, you will be able to make a deposit and start your safe casino adventure with Plinko.

What is the RTP of the Plinko game?


Plinko is a simple mini-game that has an RTP of 97%.

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